i heart holidays | eyelashes & old fashioneds

I’m on the road to recovery with my flu! I felt well enough to be out & about with the hordes of people in the throws of their last minute Christmas panic, but I still haven’t been hit with the Christmas Spirit!
Jay & I had breakfast at Cornerstone this morning where Harley was doted on by passerbys. I then had a date with the Napoleon makeup counter where they did my makeup & put false eyelashes on; how I do love lashes!
We later met Brendon and Syaz for dinner down at The Treehouse which is this gorgeous little nook for dinner & drinks.

The City immediately preceding the thunderstorm.

Christmas blooms, new shoes & my new Alexander Wang Rockie bag.

Party lashes by Napoleon

The Treehouse

Dinner with Syaz & Brendon

Great day, I must say!!!!

2 thoughts on “i heart holidays | eyelashes & old fashioneds

  1. Awww hope you get to feeling better! I’ve been off and on about my Christmas spirit! Right now, I don’t have it as much as I probably will later. Merry Christmas dear! 🙂

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