i heart holidays | eyelashes & old fashioneds

I’m on the road to recovery with my flu! I felt well enough to be out & about with the hordes of people in the throws of their last minute Christmas panic, but I still haven’t been hit with the Christmas Spirit! Jay & I had breakfast at Cornerstone this morning where Harley was dotedContinue reading “i heart holidays | eyelashes & old fashioneds”

//solar flare//

// isn’t she a ball of purely beautiful terrifying energy // captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Obsevatory, this solar flare on 19th Dec 2014, rated as a X1.8-class flare; where the solar radiation cannot penetrate our atmosphere enough to effect humans, but does disturb the atmospheric layer where GPS and communication signals travel. it wasContinue reading “//solar flare//”

my awesome pink holiday hair!!!

I’ve been waiting all year to have enough time off work to dye my hair (temporarily) pink! Today is the day and now it’s done!!! Pink dip-dye in fushsia pink by Elly at Sam Overton Salon, Paddington. #hairbyelly Happy ‘week before Christmas’! Love a very happy Melly xx

melly’s famous rocky road!

I love rocky road! I make it twice a year; at Christmas & Easter, so I guess it’s my Aussie holiday rocky road! It actually changes a little each time I make it, but it’s basically the same with a few tweaks…here’s this year’s version which I know you’ll love; just don’t blame me for hyperContinue reading “melly’s famous rocky road!”