adventure day

I’m on holidays this week because there comes a point when you just need some downtime off work for no reason other than your own sanity’s sake.

Today Harley & I drove out of the city on an adventure for some ‘earth time’ and here’s what we got up to







 The Stanwell Tops Lookout wasn’t busy considering it is a week day. A local hang-glider was waiting for some wind so we chatted while his dog Pup the cavoodle and Harley (the cavoodle) had an impromptu play date! I ate my little picnic overlooking the bluest ocean and lay on the grass breathing in the warm salty air.

We continued on into the National Park where the sun was shining, the spring air was warm and scented by wattle trees. We discovered a little river and spotted two water dragons sunning themselves.

Content with a day out of the hustle & bustle of city life, we started the hour and a half long drive back, Harley with his furry little head eternally hanging out the window and me singing my heart out to Coldplay on the stereo.



      1. Oh I just can’t stand him, Chris Martin! Sorry, just can’t! Watched an awful interview, poor me off for life, to the point can’t stand the music either

        I know, I know, they’re huge… Just not for me!

    1. Your down that way?! I love it down there. It’s just so spectacularly stunning. And it feels like your getting way out of the city when it’s really not that far. I LOVE the Scarborough Hotel too; what a view!!!
      Actually, you may know, I saw some pics of some white rock cliff tops in a national park down there somewhere and I’ve been trying to figure out where it is exactly. Any ideas?

      1. I’m in [cough] Sutherland Shire [don’t hold that against me!] so Stanwell v close. I’m guessing the cliffs you saw could be Cape Solander? That’s whale watching turf, inside Kamay National Park [nr Kurnell].

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