autumn camping | wollondilly river

Wollondilly river

There is something so remarkably satisfying about immersing yourself into nature. All that fresh clean air, lack of technology and being in the outdoors simply refreshes and recharges our souls.

On Saturday we woke at the crack of dawn to head out of Sydney, a couple of hours south in the Southern Highlands near Mittagong, to spend the night camping with a few friends.

the road trip south

The six of us rallied for breakfast at a cute little cafe called The Shaggy Cow in Mittagong, before a quick shopping trip to the local Big W for last minute supplies before heading into the wilderness.

Tunnel mushroom bruschetta at The Shaggy Cow

The “road” to Wollondilly River Station is barely a dirt lane, big enough for one car, that snakes precariously around a mountain range down into a lush green valley. I’ve never felt so yuppie city slicker in our little camping convoy with two silver Audi’s and a new Jeep Cherokee, but we had so much fun and didn’t miss the comforts of home too much! Neen & Jared had never camped before, while Ian & Pete are seasoned veterans, Jay loves the outdoors and I dug deep into my childhood camping repertoire and managed not to whinge once! We all had the most wonderful time setting up our camp site, meandering along the rocky banks of the river, sitting by the fire mesmerised by the flames, flitting between chatting & sitting in comfortable silence, cooking on the open flames, toasting marshmallows, drinking hot apple cider and making up stories about the crazy Station owner!

our little camp site

the fire pit

the boys; (L-R) Jared, Pete, Jay & Ian

relaxing around the fire

Harley & his new camping buddy Max

view over the valley

red cliffs

rock face

view over the valley

Harley by the fire

After 36 hours of sun, fire, nature, camp-fire cooking, mulled wine, no running water or showers, giggles, good company & pit toilets we returned back to the land of mobile coverage & internet! Vowing that next time we’re going for a few extra nights!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “autumn camping | wollondilly river

  1. Good post and lovely photos.

    Getting away when we did was perfect timing for me. I feel like I escaped from business and stress. After just that one night, my mind now feels clear. My brain has let go. It was exactly what I needed.

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