flashback friday | Füssen, Germany

I had almost forgotten about this place until I stumbled across the photos on my laptop. Ten seconds later I was right back there, in the most picturesque little town, like something out of a Bavarian fairytale, at the foothill of Neuschwanstein Castle. We arrived after a short two hour drive from my Tante &Continue reading “flashback friday | Füssen, Germany”

zucchini linguine, basil pesto & spinach

I’m sharing a really special secret with you. This salad is my Absolute Fave! Because my husband’s motto is ‘it’s not a meal unless there’s meat in it’ I usually make this when I’m alone or as a side dish for dinner. Ingredients: serves one – 1 zucchini, made into vegetable “linguine” (using a vegetableContinue reading “zucchini linguine, basil pesto & spinach”

perfect paleo pancakes | recipe

I do allow some dairy in my paleo diet, so with that in mind, here is the yummiest grain-free pancake recipe for your sweet weekend breakfast! Ingredients serves 2 – 2 organic eggs, lightly beaten – 225g ricotta – 1 tsp vanilla essence – 1 orange – 1 tbs coconut flour – coconut oil forContinue reading “perfect paleo pancakes | recipe”

falling in love

People (friends, family, work colleagues) are always telling me that I fall in love too easily. Yes, even my husband says it quite often! I fall in love with places, books, bands, foods, friends, movies, animals, quotes, celebrities and historical figures, products, brands and companies. I fall in love with them and hold on to thatContinue reading “falling in love”