tightening the reins

Remember my New Years Resolution? Well it’s now March and I’m finding general life & eating fairly easy with the paleo way, however, I have noticed a few too many paleo treats creeping in and portion sizes creeping up, so I’m reading and listening to podcasts to realign myself. I have also let my regular intense exercise regime slip; mostly due to my ankle injury flaring up a bit but also because I’ve just been a little slack.

Time to tighten the reins!!!


7 thoughts on “tightening the reins

    1. Thanks hun! I actually do find eating gherkins (pickles) a great snack too. I’ve been meaning to try out the recipe for sauerkraut from Sarah Wilson’s blog….must get to that!

  1. I’m a big believer in paleo, the thing I find tough is the social aspect of food. If I just ate by myself all the time I think it’d be ok but for example I was invited to my brothers place for dinner the other night and we had lasagne and homemade bread. Nom Nom Nom but not exactly paleo! I am trying to aim to eat paleo 80% of the time for now at least.

    1. I think 80% is totally do-able. Sometimes I just need to lock myself away from society for a while to get back on the straight and narrow. I am such an all or nothing girl, that it takes extreme focus on my part to try and be, what I like to refer, a ‘French Lady’…you know, they’re all gorgeous and slim and seem only to drink wine & eat cheese & croissants all day….it could only be by drinking 2 sips and eating 2 mouse-sized bites! that is my mantra!!!

  2. Super great information. At first I was very hesitant about this Paleo diet as it’s so very close to a motified Atkins diet which only works if you stay laser focused. But my brother and his with have been doing this Paleo for over a year now and he looks amazing. Sadly my PD inhibits me from heavy lifting or fast cardio but diet changes and *being in constant motion lol is a great. Love this post Mel!!

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