dream house | lilyfield warehouse conversion

This stunning warehouse conversion is my dream home!

Located in the Sydney suburb of Lilyfield (which is actually only a couple of suburbs away from where I live) it has been transformed by Architect Virginia Kerridge, who has creatively adapted a former 1900’s furniture warehouse into a modern, spacious family home filled with light and living areas spread across multiple levels focusing on a central garden.


details on the Architect’s site [here]


sun drenched

It was hot today. HOT. That kind of heat that oppresses your lungs and takes your breath away. But right now, it’s still warm, but breezy. I’m sitting here staring out over the balcony watching the wind bend & sway the trees, the cars monotonously pass in a steady stream over the ANZAC Bridge and the last of the daylight sun shimmer on the waters of Blackwattle Bay.

I don’t know what it is about summer that gives me such a feeling of contentment. Maybe it’s the longer days that stretch activity out far after the working day is done; time to catchup with friends, get another walk in with the dog, sit outdoors and discuss the day past with a crisp vino in hand, the nightly BBQ ritual, the smell & feel of sun-dried towels, the total cleanse of body & spirit that comes with a swim in the ocean & the faint smell of coconut oil still lingering on sun-drenched skin after a day at the beach.


This general feeling of happiness and freedom has been with me at full power for quite a few weeks now. I want to share with you a short poem I wrote when lying on the grass under a mango tree while at my in-laws farm at Christmas…

This perfect moment;
the day’s dust and heat behind us
That sweet scent of jasmine & settling earth;
of dusk as the sun sets and a cacophony of
birds chorus fills the overhead sky
This magical time of drawn-out summer
evenings spent gathered together
Moments of magic, ease and joyfulness.

Here’s me wishing you a perfect moment on this day.

Melly xx