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So this year I’ve let myself get a little lot out of control with my fitness & nutrition.

As you can tell from my blog, I.Love.Food. And I have to balance that out, like everyone, with working out otherwise I get fat. And I also love fashion. In all reality being bigger limits your fashion choices. So I have this constant inner battle where I love to eat; experiment & cook, go out for dinner & try new restaurants and then have this constant inner commentary about the guilt that I ‘shouldn’t be eating or drinking this‘. But I also love a challenge and discipline which is where Michelle Bridges 12WBT comes in.

In 2011 & 2012 I had some great success with getting super fit and losing a tonne (not literally!) of weight, but in 2013 I just let a myriad of different personal situations lax my healthy habits. I made excuses and postponements which haven’t been good for me and have become a habit. So as of tomorrow I am starting 12WBT which takes me on an intense journey to transform my body in 12 weeks.

I have no doubt that this round will be extra difficult; it’s the festive season. Which means drinking, socialising & eating out! But if I don’t start now I’ll use the ‘festive season’ excuse to carry on in my bad habits and will end up feeling guilty the entire holidays!

I’m committed and I’ve got some big goals for the next 3 months!


  • I will lose 15kgs (30lbs).
  • I will drink 3ltrs of water a day.
  • I will drastically cut down my alcohol consumption.
  • I will adopt a different mindset when it comes to socialising. It’s about hanging out with friends and not an excuse to eat bad food!
  • I will relearn proper portion sizes.
  • I will recommit to the paleo way of eating and not eat evil grains (with the exception of corn & rice occasionally) because it makes me feel so much better.
  • I will try new exercises and get outside of my comfort zone.
  • I will blog a weekly round up of my week’s fitness & food.

It’s a pretty big list isn’t it!

I’ve already started on some of these; for my first ‘Super Saturday Session’ (burn 1000 calories in a workout session) on the 16th Nov I’ve booked Jay & I in for Les Mills True Grit at a Balmain gym which is a new HIIT (high intensity interval training) session in line with CrossFit exercises! I’m excited and nervous. Eeek!

I’ve also bought my ‘goal’ Leona Edmiston dress to wear in February!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to put my plans out there, to keep me accountable and let you know whats going on! Your such a supportive bunch so I know I can count on you for words & ‘likes’ of encouragement!


16 thoughts on “getting real | exercise & nutrition

    1. Thanks Daisy! I love the whole new look of the site; and the whole menu plan is completely customisable! Ive created my whole week’s meal plan without any grains!!!! Hope the pregnancy is going well xx

  1. Good luck! I am exactly like you, and know that I really need to keep a check on all things food/exercise related!

    Recently I gave up alcohol for September (Sober September!) as I knew in the lead up to the silly season things would start to get a bit out of hand. I’m so glad I did! I was the fittest and strongest I had ever been, and lost almost 7kgs in the process, making me the lightest I’ve ever been 🙂

    I can safely say, that although the silly season has well and truly kicked in for me already, (I have 2 weddings this month, 30th birthday parties, hens days and Christmas parties) so far I’ve managed to keep training and kept the weight off.

    I’m so glad I made the decision to get on top of my healthy lifestyle before the silly season took over my life, as it is going to be even easier to maintain what I worked so hard to achieve!

    Can’t wait to hear about all the goals you’ll be kicking in the new 12 weeks! GOOD LUCK! xx

    1. Thanks Leah! What you achieved is amazing! I remember you doing Sober September and feel inspired that it was a success AND that you’ve kept up your healthy habits!
      I can report that Day1 is going well; I even ran in the rain this morning at 5.30am! Harley & I were drenched in our raincoats but it felt so good getting it done before work!
      Thanks for the words of support! xx

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