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On the 3rd October, The Jacksons & The Williams went out for Dinner Club.
For my choice, we dined at Alfie & Hetty on Glebe Point Rd in Glebe.

In the 1920’s Alfie and Hetty were great mates who lived side by side on the site that is now the restaurant. Alfie was a gangster and party boy and Hetty a caring & upstanding lady of the community. According to the website:

Mrs. N Stapleton or better known as Hetty, was an institution to her neighbours’ and the community for being a caring and gregarious women. She would cook for the locals and their children, especially well known for her famous roast on a Sunday.
Hetty lived in 207 Glebe Point Road till her death in 1925 while still awaiting the return of her son, who was lost in the war.  In Honour of this lovely women we have not only named our restaurant Hettys’ Place, but also offer the famous roasts she was so well known for.
Alfie White, who lived in 209 from 1921, was known to be the right hand man of the local Gangster. Alfie was the collector of money owed, and was also in charge of the Speakeasy, which he ran out of the upstairs of this house.
So in Honour of Mr. White we have named our upstairs area Alfie’s Bar, a place where the elegance and notoriety of the 1920’s is mixed up with Hetty’s favourite dishes, and Alfie’s favourite cocktails.

I love the integration of history into Sydney’s restaurants and bars of late, and how, through dining and drinking we are led to embrace the stories and feel apart of eras past that have laid the foundation to our beautiful city.

restaurant frontage
restaurant frontage

The food is about sharing and having good times, so keeping with that ethos, Jay & shared a steak and we had chips for the table.

steak for two
steak for two
spiced fries
spiced fries

The food is well priced but I’d give the cocktails a miss. We finished off a wonderful evening of catching up with our good friends with dessert down the street at SanChurro.

strawberries & white chocolate
strawberries & white chocolate dipping sauce

4 thoughts on “alfie & hetty | glebe eatery

  1. I always love seeing all of your photos of food, drinking, and enjoying the company of others. I can feel your bliss and the closeness of sharing a meal with others. I know that you soak up these moments! xx

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