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To celebrate Jay’s birthday last week we went to the newly hatted Newtown restaurant Hartsyard.


A work colleague Sheena has long been urging me to go, as it’s co-owned by one of her school friends and is her fave restaurant, so I have to admit I had high expectations.

The restaurant is all about community; the food is made to share and indulge and the space is intimate and dark with rustic wooden furniture, candlelight.



“Increasingly, Newtown is becoming Brooklyn to Sydney’s Manhattan, its people and places rejecting the bright and flashy for the neighbourly, the communal and the free-range.”
-SMH review [here]

We had a little trouble with the service; the wait-staff were so busy chatting to regulars that it took them 15 minutes to take our first orders and I’m not a fan of holding a table’s wine at the bar especially if the service isn’t on the ball. If I order a bottle of wine I would like to pour it when I want it!
We went a few days after the newly appointed ‘hat’ so I have a feeling everyone was a little too cool for themselves, so we’ll have to see how their attitude changes over the coming months…

The service is a shame though, because the food is amazing.
The menu is broken up in ‘Seed‘ (little bites), ‘Feed‘ (more substantial share plates) and ‘Out to Pasture‘ (dessert).

Hartsyard Manhattan
Hartsyard Manhattan

The Hartsyard Manhattan is an ingenious cocktail; bacon-infused Jack Daniel’s with sweet vermouth, bitters and maple syrup. Delicious!

The wine list is short and succinct with all the good varietals. We order a bottle from Gippsland in Victoria; 2012 Moondarra Beurot Pinot Gris. It goes perfectly with our food selections…

Oyster Po Boy
Oyster Po Boy

Seriously so good! Hint of sweet brioche little slider-like buns with a deep-fried oyster, house-made hot-sauce and coleslaw. I could eat a hundred of the Oyster Po‘s and it wouldn’t be enough!

Crispy Pigs Tails
Crispy Pigs Tails

These little crispy patties are filled with rich, meaty piggy tail meat. They’re served with pickles and a sweet & sour chutney-mustard.

Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken

How can you go wrong with Fried Chicken? It’s super crispy and the chicken meat is succulent and tender. It could do with some seasoning. And it’s served with a good old American style ‘biscuit and gravy’. Yum.

Iced Vo-vo
Iced Vo-vo

A nice touch on Jay’s dessert; a bright sparkler! The Iced Vo-Vo is a menu special and it seriously tastes exactly like Arnott’s Iced Vovo! EXACTLY!
It’s a generous serving and could easily feed two people! We ordered another dessert so they wrapped up the remainder to go.

Peanut Butter + Banana Sundae
Peanut Butter + Banana Sundae

This.Is.Heaven. Banana doughnut-dumplings dusted in sugar smothered in salted fudge, chocolate sauce and pretzel icecream. The second best dessert I’ve ever eaten. Ever.
(winner of best dessert goes to Justin North’s Becasse Banana Parfait)


33 Enmore Rd, Newtown

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