amazing grace


Today I am thankful for
– good friends –
– The Grounds coffee –
– jam filled donuts –
– sharing Gracie’s birthday –
– Matthew Graham music –

– Harley’s licks –
– winter sunshine –
– afternoon naps –
– shellac manicure –
– last sleep without the hubby –


today was my BFF Grace’s birthday! she drove down from Newcastle last night so we could wake up together today and celebrate! I took her to one of my fave Sydney cafes The Grounds for breakfast.


mmmmm, breakfast board; in-house baked sourdough, poached eggs, ham, fresh tomato & basil, avocado and pesto & feta. plus coffee and the yummiest juice of apple, pear & mint.


the lemonade & strawberry stand outside the cafe in their ‘grounds’


beautiful blooms & tasty pastry treats


happy Harley after a long game of fetch in the park


dusk over the city


snuggling up to my buddy; Melly & Harley

about life

Dear Diary,

This week has been exceptionally difficult.

Jay’s Dad took a turn for the worst. We thought death would take him, consumed by cancer.

Jay flew up to be by his bedside on Monday morning. After missing the day’s only flight to Hervey Bay he managed to catch one to Maroochydore, hire a car and drive the rest of the way. He arrived late afternoon tired, with man-flu and in time to start planning his father’s funeral with his sister; things were looking very grim and the doctors were not optimistic.

After five days of hour by hour highs (gaining consciousness, sitting up, talking) and lows (crashing, failing vital organs, unconsciousness) his kidneys are gaining functionality and his infections are clearing up and best of all he’s out of bed. Today he got discharged from hospital (huzzah!). The doctor’s have said he’ll be with us for another 3-6 months.That’s 262,974 more minutes. Not enough time to see us fall pregnant or have a baby or buy a house or congratulate Jay when he graduates from uni or see Jay turn 40, watch his 6 grandkids grow up or celebrate his own 74th birthday.

Everyone knows death is inevitable. A natural part of the cycle of life. But that knowledge never makes it any easier. Someone you love is there. And then they’re not. 

I think I have stayed strong for Jay on the end of the phone; listening, soothing, missing, giving him tidbits of my & Harley’s day to breakup the hurt. I am sad also. My heart feels weighed down and heavy with worry and sorrowful expectation of what is to come. The man I love most in the world is going to lose the man he loves most in the world. 

How can that be anything but the shittiest thing life spews at you?


I posted that earlier in the week on my Instagram

Yesterday, my brother, my only sibling, checked into rehab. Mum & Col drove him there after looking after him for the past week; basically drinking himself to death and almost achieving it after a fall from 11 stories resulting in broken ribs, internal bleeding, fractured spine & skull. Mum said he barely weighed 60kgs when she picked him up from the airport, my 6.2ft baby brother.

After 10 years of substance abuse & chronic alcoholism he will finally be getting the help he needs. I can’t even fully articulate the levity of my heartbreak and grief for him. I am optimistic and hopeful, yet not totally convinced that this will be the cure. I have no doubt that rehab works but I don’t know if he really truly wants to get sober or if he thinks that this is the only solution to current situation. No job, no home, no relationship with terrible injuries. Rehab puts him in a place where he doesn’t have to deal with any real world fallout, and I don’t think he realises how hard it’s going to be in his own head without drugs & alcohol. More than anything, I want this next 12 months of rehab to be his sobering rapture. If I believed in a Deity I’d be praying profusely. Now we just have to wait. I get to speak to him in 6 weeks, but until then there’s no contact.

“About life:
“It is not complicated unless I make it so. It is not difficult unless I allow it to be. A second is no more than a second, a minute no more than a minute, a day no more than a day. They pass. All things and all time will pass. Don’t force or fear, don’t control or lose control. Don’t fight and don’t stop fighting. Embrace and endure. If you embrace, you will endure.” 
― James Frey, A Million Little Pieces

Almost always the optimist, I am looking up. Strong in the belief that things will be better tomorrow. Because after everything, I can only love them and truly hope for the best.

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whats black and furry and full of energy?

Harley of course!

I must admit he’s a little spoilt. To break up his loneliness when we’re doing long hours at work, his dog walker collects him for long dirty rumbles with his dog buddies in the park! They tweet their pictures during the day so I can see what my little monster gets up too. Here’s a few pics courtesy of @Happy_Pets_

Harley is the one in black.

1355214887 1371539609 1374061488 1374061521 1374061550

And then here’s a few pictures I took where he doesn’t look like a filthy mongrel!!!

CameraZOOM-20130117230057463 IMG_0013 PSE10 6162013233955 51520138230

Don’t you have a killer case of puppy love?!!!

memorable meals

Food glorious food.

How I love to eat!

And I’ve eaten some delicious fare of late, which I thought I’d share with you.

some have been delectably healthy…

51120138419 green smoothie made with coconut water, kale, celery, apple, cucumber & mint

5142013143845 make the best of this seasons ripe creamy avocado; with lettuce, tomato & salmon

6172013214128 I’ve been experimenting with the paleo recipes.
I created paleo chicken nuggets; chicken mince, coriander, chilli, shredded coconut & then rolled in coconut flour & air fried in my Philips AirFryer!

617201321412 snacking on roasted almonds with Japanese chilli salt & paprika and coconut oil

And then the not so healthy…

6122013201432 celebrating my husband’s success (uni post-grad) with Bollinger champagne and homemade coleslaw & American-style pork ribs!

530201315265 a socialicious dinner party with friends!

614201303054 a French bistro style dinner with my girlfriends (I ate the meal on the top right; duck & celeriac mash) at Felix at The Ivy

But it’s not all about me….Harley bear had a birthday! He turned 3 years old and he had a birthday party with a few doggy friends at the dog cafe. He had a delicious lunch of mince, rice & veggies and a dog friendly birthday cake!!!


What memorable meals have you eaten of late???



sparkling azure ocean
listful breezes
crystal clear waters
colourful lively reefs
fresh coconuts & cold beers
daily baskets of the freshest fruit
hours gently swinging in a hammock
lazy afternoon chess battles
sunset beach strolls
balmy nights
dancing under the stars


the ten days Jay & I spent at Tokoriki Island Resort in Fiji in 2010 was one of the best holidays we’ve had.

we left relaxed, tanned & romanticized with the most delicious memories.

sparkles, bubbles & girlfriends

I had a most delicious weekend with two of my oldest & dearest friends.

I’ve known Tam since we were in grade 3 and Gracie since grade 5.

Anytime we get together it’s simply soul cleansing fun.

It was Tam’s birthday last week and Gracie’s birthday in a couple of weeks, so we  had some fun celebrating 35!

Here’s what we got up to…

mani / pedi delight!
mani / pedi delight!
kicking off the evening on my balcony with a bottle of Veuve
perfect pedi’s & a bottle of Veuve
Tam, Gracie, me
Tam, Gracie & moi
and it's on for the posers
and it’s on for the posers (L-R) Gracue, Tam, me
cocktails at Baxter Inn with Charlie the bartender
cocktails at Baxter Inn with Charlie the bartender
dinner at Felix at The Ivy
dinner at Felix at The Ivy
gorgeous Tam
gorgeous Tam
the pout always seems like a good idea at the time!
Gracie & me

We had brunch this morning with Jay & Harley before the girls headed back home to Newcastle.

How was your weekend?