an abundance of water

52a79a3566ee65128fb764bae3fc2b4a[flooding in Paris 1910]

Apologies; I haven’t drawn my competition yet because we’ve been dealing with untold stresses at home over the long weekend.

I accidentally flooded our apartment.

Yes, it’s been a total pain in the arse but it sounds a lot worse than it’s turned out.

I’ll update more later….

4 thoughts on “an abundance of water

  1. I’ve had two apartments with flooding issues – one from the unit above (if they flooded their laundry it came down through the light fitting into mine) and then my next place I flooded the bath and the entire ceiling fell in on my verandah – note that it was a building flaw… that shouldn’t have happened! I saw a psychic once and she asked me if I had ‘water’ issues. She had NO bloody idea!!!

    1. Oh my gosh Deb that is crazy! I find it so amazing that the psychic picked up on it!
      It is stressful but I feel so much better now that we’re not (a) sleeping on the couch (b) Harley isnt freaking out over the noise and out of place furniture and (c) everything is dry and no furniture was damaged!

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