throwback thursday


before the divorce; before the drama & complex relationships, there were these two lovely creatures; my Mum & Dad.


after finding a photo album filled with old pictures, I have been feeling nostalgic and a little sad. it’s strange how the pain of my parent’s divorce lingers on my soul and feels heavy on my heart years after.

everything would have been different. but it’s not. and while I let myself mourn a little for the happy times we shared as a traditional family unit, I think of all the happiness my parents have gained in their life after.

I take a deep breath and remind myself that I do not, in fact, believe in regret and that I’m who I am today because of all the things I’ve experienced. I’m thankful that my parents are alive and made a decision for themselves that created their own happiness, and that while it was hard for me, it was a million times harder for them.

nothing is as bad as it sometimes seems and it’s true what they say; the sun shines after the rain.

10 thoughts on “throwback thursday

  1. I related well to this heartfelt post. When my parents separated when I was 12, I kept a diary that I still have. I wrote in scribbly little girl penmanship, “I want my parents to be happy, even if it makes me sad.” 😦 Your words brought it back. Beautiful expression!! Thank you! x RL

  2. Wow, Melly. Thanks for sharing. They look like lovely people and they still are even if they are apart. I am sorry for your sadness but you are strong!

  3. A lovely post… My parents were together until my father passed away 18mths ago. Mum was just here yesterday and reminded me it would have been their 50th anniversary this year.

    BTW, you look like your mum!

  4. Thank you Darling, they are/were happy memories. You have come across some really old albums deep down in your wardrobe. Treasure them 🙂 xoxo

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