Jay & I are down in the lovely state of Victoria in the official ‘spa country’ for a four day sojourn in relaxation…

Jay & Melly

Yesterday we had lunch at a little micro-brewery called Holgate in the town of Woodend.

Holgate Brewery

We then checked into our amazing hotel at Hepburn by 8 Hotels before soaking for two hours in the mineral springs of Hepburn Bathhouse. The spa couches are seriously life changing.

Our amazing room; Hepburn by 8 Hotels
Hepburn by 8 Hotels
Hepburn Bathhouse
Hepburn Bathhouse

Today we slept in (thanks to the full blackout blinds!) and then went for an epic bush walk.

Hepburn Springs Reserve (see the wallaby!)
Top of the peak

Then we went for brunch and drank Daylesford’s best coffee at Bocconcini Cafe & Providore

Bocconcini Cafe

We spent the afternoon exploring the countryside;

Passing Clouds winery & Nillo the dog
Redbeard Sourdough Bakery
My kind of family!
The Chocolate Mill

And then we retired back to our stylish temporary abode to eat (non-paleo) treats in the spa with the fanciest of champagne…

Bit of Bolli...don't mind if I do!

I’m feeling very relaxed & spoilt!

Hope you are all having a fabulous week but before I sign off a special shout out to my friend Neen who had a birthday today!

Mwah ♥

wednesday words | the smile


I shot a smile into the air
It fell to earth I know not where
Perhaps on someone else’s face
In some forgotten, quiet place.

Perhaps somewhere a sleeping child
Has had a happy dream and smiled
Or some old soul about to die
Has smiled and made a little sigh.

Has sighed a simple final prayer
That lifts up gently in the air
And flows into the world so wild,
Perhaps to wake the sleeping child.

~Michael Leunig~


I’m a cavewoman!!! 

Not in the scary, hairy, don’t-bathe, don’t-brush, get dragged off to bed by my hair (oooh kinky) kinda way….I’ve gone paleo! The paleolithic nutritional lifestyle also known as the caveman, or in my case cavewoman, diet.

It’s been a whole week since the Williams’ household has turned paleo. This next week is going to be challenging because we’re going away on holidays but as long as we can stick to mostly paleo eating I’ll be happy. I’m feeling really good and my skirts are starting to feel looser already!


View this video to understanding the paleo lifestyle in a nutshell:


IMG_20130412_063002IMG_20130404_110533green smoothies

IMG_20130410_072312scrambled eggs & bacon with avocado, tomato & coriander salsaIMG_20130411_201925IMG_20130407_185646kale, bacon & scrambled eggs IMG_20130414_174219 cafe breakfast; poached eggs, mushroom, spinach, tomato bacon & goats halloumi IMG_20130414_101140 frittas made with coconut flour, zucchini, sweet potato, mint & chilli, with bacon & avocado/tomato salsa


IMG_20130408_201353 salad with chicken & goats feta IMG_20130414_174134 mishmash salad; kale, carrot, beans, zucchini, tomato, avocado


IMG_20130412_195223fennel, spinach, orange, asparagus & walnut salad with grass-fed beef rissoleIMG_20130411_221341chicken with roasted orange & white sweet potato, onion, cauliflower & broccoli IMG_20130407_185530 poached chicken with roasted veg (white & orange sweet potato, cauliflower, onion & zucchini)

throwback thursday

I got a notification on Facebook that one of my friends had tagged a new picture for me. To my utter delight it was this long lost photo!!!

IMG_20130404_113707From Left: hubby Jay, Nathan & James

This picture is circa 1997; at the boy’s final high school formal (eg dance).
I graduated the year before but did their makeup for their fancy dress party!
Both of these guys were Jay’s groomsmen at our wedding!
The joy of Kiss….