larder | daylesford


I had a religious experience, this coffee was so good. I seriously started detailing my plan to kidnap the barista and abscond him back to Sydney to teach my local cafe a thing or two about coffee making!

Definitely the best place for breakfast in Daylesford; it’s a little bit quirky with it’s kindergarten-inspired framed artwork and totally cool with wooden & industrial worn metal decor. We sat at the communal table made from century-old basketball court wood!


After spending a good ten minutes trying to decide what to choose from the ‘I-wanna-eat-everything-on-the-menu’ we finally ordered.


Jay ordered a Bloody Mary complete with mix your own Tabasco & Worcestershire to taste. He ate the Larder Breakfast which had scrambled eggs, spinach, local ‘Istra’ free-range bacon & spicy chorizo and sourdough.

I ate roasted beetroot with local goat’s feta & walnuts, poached egg and spicy ‘Istra’ chorizo on sourdough.

I had to have a second coffee…

If you’re in the area, visit for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner!

57A Vincent St, Daylesford VIC

2 thoughts on “larder | daylesford

  1. There are a couple of fantastic places for brunch in Daylesford. The Fashion Mister and I love to drive over in the summer, have brunch wander around the shops and just enjoy the vibe.

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