wednesday words | the smile


I shot a smile into the air
It fell to earth I know not where
Perhaps on someone else’s face
In some forgotten, quiet place.

Perhaps somewhere a sleeping child
Has had a happy dream and smiled
Or some old soul about to die
Has smiled and made a little sigh.

Has sighed a simple final prayer
That lifts up gently in the air
And flows into the world so wild,
Perhaps to wake the sleeping child.

~Michael Leunig~

4 thoughts on “wednesday words | the smile

  1. Beautiful~ loved this..thanks so much for sharing it 🙂 ~ rl
    ps: babykettle bells came today (3 and 5 lbs) …. going to try to incorporate a little into my squat routines (swings) 🙂

  2. We woke for a moment — perhaps a wombat had passed by — and saw how the brilliant moon gave a sense that we had left the light on — but two shooting stars later and we were sleeping again and dreaming of love in the Milky Way.

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