I’m a cavewoman!!! 

Not in the scary, hairy, don’t-bathe, don’t-brush, get dragged off to bed by my hair (oooh kinky) kinda way….I’ve gone paleo! The paleolithic nutritional lifestyle also known as the caveman, or in my case cavewoman, diet.

It’s been a whole week since the Williams’ household has turned paleo. This next week is going to be challenging because we’re going away on holidays but as long as we can stick to mostly paleo eating I’ll be happy. I’m feeling really good and my skirts are starting to feel looser already!


View this video to understanding the paleo lifestyle in a nutshell:


IMG_20130412_063002IMG_20130404_110533green smoothies

IMG_20130410_072312scrambled eggs & bacon with avocado, tomato & coriander salsaIMG_20130411_201925IMG_20130407_185646kale, bacon & scrambled eggs IMG_20130414_174219 cafe breakfast; poached eggs, mushroom, spinach, tomato bacon & goats halloumi IMG_20130414_101140 frittas made with coconut flour, zucchini, sweet potato, mint & chilli, with bacon & avocado/tomato salsa


IMG_20130408_201353 salad with chicken & goats feta IMG_20130414_174134 mishmash salad; kale, carrot, beans, zucchini, tomato, avocado


IMG_20130412_195223fennel, spinach, orange, asparagus & walnut salad with grass-fed beef rissoleIMG_20130411_221341chicken with roasted orange & white sweet potato, onion, cauliflower & broccoli IMG_20130407_185530 poached chicken with roasted veg (white & orange sweet potato, cauliflower, onion & zucchini)

5 thoughts on “cavewoman

  1. I suspected as much by your instagram feed 🙂 Good luck! It’s a pretty healthy way to live if you can do it, and there’s a lot of sensible stuff behind it. Your food looks amazing!

    1. It’s tough! I’ve completely purged the household of all wheat/grain products including all baking stuff & dairy (although the dairy in the house was only for me, cause Jay’s lactose intolerant)! I’ve replaced with coconut flour and almond flour. We’ve actually been researching this for about 6 weeks in preparation of going completely paleo. If I can’t find something to satisfy the paleo (cafe/friends house etc), I’m like, ‘well if I cant eat Im truly like a cavewoman’ with the whole food is scarce thing!!!

    1. No I’m just happy to see you! Hahaha!
      Yes it is; green smoothies are mostly veggies with a piece of fruit & coconut water. I always have kale, cucumber, mint & celery. Then either apple, pear or nectarine as the fruit. Yum!

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