wednesday words | sitting on the fence

b33e6b0a902e11e2ade722000a1faea4_7_large Come sit down beside me,
I said to myself,
And although it doesn’t make sense,
I held my own hand
As a small sign of trust
And together I sat on the fence.

~Michael Leunig~

[pic via weheartit]


2 thoughts on “wednesday words | sitting on the fence

  1. I absolutely love this! It made me tear up. I’m totes stealing this and writing it on as many surfaces or web pages as I can find. This is self love in a nutshell xx

  2. Reblogged this on metaphorical marathons and commented:
    Recently I’ve taken to giving myself cuddles. I wrap myself up in my duvet or pull my arms in tight, and tell myself ‘I am here for you, I am never going anywhere, you’re safe, it’s going to be okay, you are okay’…

    I am loving it. It’s like my own daily treat for myself, and the most comforting thing in the world.

    And then I read this from the lovely Melly, and teared up. This is self love in a nutshell.

    Let’s go sit with ourselves on the fence, and take whatever we’re feeling or whatever sensations are taking hold with us too, because this is the only way self love can begin: by having space and time for everything. The whole of our experience. Not just the pretty bits. The painful and seemingly chaotic bits too.

    Let’s hold our own hands and tell ourselves that we are together in this.

    Only then can we truly go and hold the hands of others or allow others to hold ours.


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