throwback thursday

SchoolGirlsHair Throwback Thursday circa 1996

That’s me in the middle with long hair & a fringe (aka bangs)!
My girlfriends are (L to R): Amelia, Tamma, Lindy, me, Janine & Rachel.

My high school reunion is happening in August! It’s been 18 years since that photo was taken in Year 12 (aka Senior) and we’ve decided it’s time to catch up.

Now if that is motivation to get my butt into gear (and much smaller) I can’t think of a better reason!!!

Happy Thursday xx

6 thoughts on “throwback thursday

  1. Oh how sweet!
    You look great so no worries!
    What a blast to catch up with friends,
    who will think you are fab no matter your dress size 🙂
    But good on you for going for your goals and working so hard to make it happen!
    Have you heard of Jon Gabriel- great book “The Gabriel Method” on weight loss.

      1. It’s a 20 year reunion for class of ’93 (Leon’s year) but you guys are included because of the time capsule 😛

        We were in year 10 in 1994 (2013-1994=19)!

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