pretty in pink

When I was young my Mum basically had to tie me down and wrangle me into any pink clothing. She loves to joke about it now considering my love pink nail polish & lipgloss!
Here’s some eye candy to brighten up your working week. 

pink [all pictures via pinterest]

5 thoughts on “pretty in pink

  1. What a lovely pink board! I have not owned a pink clothing item for a long time, which is surprising as I actually like this color. I think I will add a pink shirt to my list of shopping in China, when I get there, later this week.

  2. Is that a pink Lamborghini in there?! My mum used to dress me in pink all the time when I was little, to make sure people knew I was a girl 😛

    1. Yep – pink Lamborghini! It sounds nice in theory but it’s actually a bit too “Paris Hilton” to drive around in!!! Although if you can afford a pink lamborghini you probably have a different car for each day of the week!!!

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