hiding the eggs

Right up until my younger brother moved out of home and interstate (about 5 years ago at the age of 25), every Easter Mum would hide chocolate eggs around the backyard for us to find on Easter Sunday morning. It never gets old no matter how old you do!

Easter is my favourite holiday; we get 4 days off work, there are hot-cross buns and an abundance of chocolate, it usually rains but there is always one perfect day of sun to picnic by the water. New movies come out at the theater and it’s just a great time to spend with loved ones; relaxing & eating!

This year will be a little different; my brother in still away and my Mum & Stepdad are also away on a working holiday around Australia. So for the long Easter weekend Jay, Harley & I will just chill out on our own. Maybe I’ll hide doggy easter egg treats (not chocolate of course!) around the house for Harley to find…

In the meantime, I found some gorgeous little Etsy things for all the other kids out there!


il_570xN.419699600_tdww [via]

il_570xN.421196144_m54r [via]

il_570xN.430006625_g0ec [via]

il_570xN.425173093_i196 [via]

il_570xN.430594998_a5px [via]

il_570xN.323686724 [via]

il_570xN.208064618 [via]

il_570xN.315932802 [via]


  1. i, too, have such fond memories of my grandmother hiding eggs around her backyard when i was a child. so much fun to run about, in heated competition with my brother and cousin to see who could find the most! though, ours were plastic eggs with nothing inside. our big candy treat was waiting for us at the table in our easter basket stuffed with chocolate goodies. 🙂 hope you have a relaxing and lovely easter! xo

  2. What about the tradition of bringing chocolate to the Dawes’? We aren’t going away, we will be here the whole time if you feel like a trip to the country. Harley and Pippin need to catch up!

  3. Easter was always such a fun time in our household too. Aside from hiding eggs and eating mountains of chocolate, we used to have the Easter Board Game Challenge. It went for 4 days, and was pretty EPIC! I miss those days 🙂

  4. Easter’s my fave time as well, but only cos of the chocolate. We didn’t have any egg hunts – I would have been too impatient to get at the chockies. Plus my brother was very meh. He still had eggs left WEEKS after Easter. I would have scoffed all of mine on Easter Sunday until I was sick!

    Ahhh… memories…

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