stuff that happened this week | via instagram

another week down.
can you believe we’re nearly in March?

IMG_20130217_134936 (1)Sunday brunch  IMG_20130219_055508 early morning workoutsIMG_20130218_21142412WBT recipe Basil Pesto Spaghetti made with basil from my balcony garden!IMG_20130219_160300getting my shellac onIMG_20130219_205714Tuesday workout & dinner  IMG_20130220_072435Wednesday workout buddiesIMG_20130220_110303coffee meetingIMG_20130220_184557one of my tattoos – Liebe means love in German. My Mum is German.IMG_20130221_065059view from my Thursday workoutIMG_20130221_065633Williams family pawsIMG_20130222_000043Thursday night celebration with colleagues; 12 years at Dimension DataIMG_20130222_000154colleagues & friendsIMG_20130222_000311the food at est. is amazing! what you get from a 3-hat restaurant!IMG_20130222_184507hanging with the coolest chick Elly; my hairdresserIMG_20130222_190145Friday flowers on my table; dahlias & hydrangeasIMG_20130223_085033Harley has two settings: on & off!IMG_20130223_105333Saturday 12WBT SSS sessionIMG_20130223_105812post epic workout; smashed & cant move
IMG_20130224_145504meal planning; 12WBT penang chicken only 300 cals per serve!IMG_20130224_151701my new artwork from Cristina B Studios is ready to hang!IMG_20130224_154113Williams family circa 2011

hope you’ve all had a wonderful week

signature - melly xox

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