weekly fitness roundup | week 1 | 12wbt

You know that feeling of accomplishment you get from sticking to a punishing schedule? Yes?!!! Well that’s what I felt like this past week being back on Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation program.

My calorie intake is capped at 1200 per day
I am doing 6 days training per week.

Here’s my round up….


Monday workout

6am outdoor training session; interval walk/run, running stairs, steps-ups & abs.

brekkie - banana bruschetta
brekkie – banana bruschetta
dinner - fish with chickpea, tomato & spinach salad
dinner – fish with chickpea, tomato & spinach salad

My BFF Gracie stayed the night & loved this dinner too! We’ve committed to doing the 5km Color Run in May in Newcastle! Isn’t she supportive?! Can’t wait!

dessert - fruit jelly
dessert – fruit jelly


Tuesday workout

6.15am Body Pump class at the gym.

brekkie - apple muesli
brekkie – apple muesli
steak with green beans & mushroom sauce
dinner – steak with green beans & mushroom sauce

This is one of my fave meals! The sauce looks creamy but it’s made of Philadelphia extra light cream cheese for cooking, dijon mustard & mushrooms – and only 283 calories – yum!!!

dessert - fruit salad
dessert – fruit salad


Wednesday workout

6am outdoor interval walk/run & abs

brekkie, coffee, dinner & dessert
brekkie, coffee, dinner & dessert

brekkie – avocado & eggs on toast
dinner – potato, spinach & feta frittata
dessert – fruit jelly


Thursday workout
Thursday workout

6.15am Pump class

macchiato & brekkie
macchiato & brekkie – avocado, beans & rocket on toast
dinner & Valentine's Day dessert
dinner – beef with avocado & corn salsa & mini-cheesecake bite for Valentine’s Day dessert


Exercise Rest Day!!!

brekkie, lunch & dinner
brekkie, lunch & dinner

brekkie – banana bruschetta
lunch – mushroom frittata & salad
dinner – pita pocket pizza


Saturday workout
Saturday workout

The aim was to burn 1000 calories but this tough workout got interrupted by a thunderous storm that forced us shivering & completely drenched, in white t-shirts, running the 1.5kms back to the car!

brekkie – eggs, ham, tomato, cottage cheese & spinach
lunch – pumpkin, avocado, chickpea salad
dinner - Japanese
dinner – Japanese


Sunday workout
Sunday workout

Body Balance class. Jay even came with me & loved it!!!

brunch – coffee & pumpkin, walnut & chicken salad
dinner – homemade beef burger & wedges

Keep training hard!!!

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10 thoughts on “weekly fitness roundup | week 1 | 12wbt

  1. Whoa, 500 cals burnt each training session, that’s insanely massive! Well done and can’t wait to see the transformation pics- thanks for dropping by my blog so I could stalk yours back 😉

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