est. restaurant | celebrating long service at work

I was just a wee lass when I started working for Dimension Data (or ComTech as it was then called). Of course they demonstrated vision & forward thinking hiring a university drop-out with a pierced tongue and black nails.

I reckon it all paid off (if I do say so myself); I must be doing something right to have kept my job all these years! DD has nurtured and challenged my career and above all, it continues to be an exciting place to work.

my invitation
my invitation

Once you reach long service status (10 years+) you join the illustrious 10 Year Dinner Club which holds the honour of yearly dining with fellow long service colleagues and the senior execs at a fancy schmancy restaurant. As with all most ICT organisations, alcohol is always flowing in excess and it’s a privilege to dine at one of Sydney’s top restaurants; the 3 hat awarded est. 

121201323566There were a little over 80 people (partners included) at the Sydney dinner club which included colleagues from our Canberra office and we mingled & chatted for about an hour with champagne and canapes (freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters & lobster salad spoons), before we sat down to listen to a short speech from our CEO.


Left: I ordered the Italian buffalo mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, tarragon, sumac vinaigrette
Centre: Moreton bay bug, wombok, coconut, giner, chilli, kaffir lime, coriander
Right: salad of spanner crab, avocado, fresh corn, lime, gem lettuce, mint

main courses
main courses

Top: glazed beef cheek, caramelized onion, shaved cucumber, grilled leeks, celtuce leaf puree
Centre: I ordered the steamed Murray cod fillet, shaved abalone, snow peas, black fungi, ginger-green shallot vinaigrette
Bottom: pan roasted lamb rib eye, smoked eggplant, baby onions, lemon olive oil


Left: toasted almond bavarois, coffee biscuit sponge, peach jelly, buttermilk sorbet
Top Right: valrhona chololate arlette, apricots, tarragon, apricot granita
Bottom Right: petit fours

121201323552Colleagues Amy & Robin, Juan-Carlos & Pete, Jay & I

We had a super fun night catching up about work, family, wedding plans, new babies, holidays & all sorts of tipsy chatter. Til next year!

best of oscars fashion | 2013

I was a little surprised with some of the fashion choices (what were you thinking Anne Hathaway?) but these are my favourites…

BEST DRESSED: Charlize Theron in Dior Couture
BEST DRESSED: Charlize Theron in Dior Couture

Charlize Theron is on this earth to remind the rest of us that there really is a God. And Charlize is her masterpiece.

My friend Tam was fortunate enough to be watching the live coverage (I was at work. boo.) and texted me and said Charlize was definitely the best dressed – I agree but with a caveat….she shares best dressed with…..

BEST DRESSED: Naomi Watts in Armani Prive
BEST DRESSED: Naomi Watts in Armani Prive

Jay & I watched The Impossible over the weekend and she deserved this nomination. I would go so far to say that she deserved it more than Jennifer Lawrence. Naomi’s performance was stellar and her dress is celestially perfect.

And for the runners up:

Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive
Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive

Old world Hollywood glamour. Jessica Chastain’s career trajectory is only matched by her fashion choices.

Stacy Keibler in Naeem Khan
Stacy Keibler in Naeem Khan

OMG. Glamorous warrior goddess!

Jennifer Garner in
Jennifer Garner in Gucci

Obsessed with this colour. This is simple and stunning. I love Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer Hudson in Roberto Cavalli
Jennifer Hudson in Roberto Cavalli

Boom! Sexy is back! Love this colour and the fit is perfect.

Zoe Saldana in Alexis Mabille Couture
Zoe Saldana in Alexis Mabille Couture

Love the dress, don’t love the shoe. Zoe is always a little cutting edge with her fashion choices and the way the white graduates with layers of grey and black is gorgeous.

Olivia Munn in Marchesa
Olivia Munn in Marchesa

I’ve been obsessing over the newest Marchesa collection and to see it on a Olivia Munn is perfection!

Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton
Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton

Can you believe this woman just had a baby? She looks amazing and she’s transcendent in head to toe Louis Vuitton.

That’s it for awards season for while….How will we ever survive?!!!

roll out the red carpet….I’ve been nominated! | liebster blog award

liebsterblogawardOooooh how exciting to receive an award!

Carla Sue’s blog eat sweet is literally a smorgasbord of delicious treats.
I read her posts almost licking the computer screen!

She’s tagged me with some fun questions, so here goes…

1. Favourite flavour of icecream?

You don’t know what you’re asking of me to narrow it down to just one flavour…. I.Love.Icecream. It is my undoing. Classic strawberry, hokey pokey, Ben & Jerry’s Clusterfluff & Triple Caramel Chunk, boysenberry and coconut. I’m hungry.

2. Relaxing holiday, or fast-paced holiday?

Both for different reasons; I usually holiday by the beach; soaking up the sun, swimming in blue waters & drinking too many cocktails is just the ticket after working all year, but my planned holiday is centered around hiking in the wilderness with no technology! You need both I reckon.

3. Favourite brand of chocolate?

Haigh’s. No question about it.

4. Wind or rain?

Rain. Love a good thunderstorm. Don’t love getting my skirt blown around my ears from too much wind!

5. Favourite genre of music?

Oooh this is another tough one. I listen to so much different genres! Probably narrow it down to folk-type music though. You know; chilled, acoustic, story lyrics like Angus & Julia Stone, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, FrouFrou, James Taylor, Tracy Chapman. But of course I also love hip-hop, RnB, Flamenco, Country, house & dance.

6. Sleep with one pillow, or two? (or three…or four)

Usually none. I like lying flat on my tummy.

7. Strawberries or raspberries?

I can’t choose! When they are both in the height of summer season, they are both just too divine to choose only one. Oh OK, raspberries.

8. Cats or dogs?

Dogs! And one in particular; my little Harley the damn cutest cavoodle in the world.

9. Favourite vegetable?

I would say green string beans or potatoes. I eat beans raw, blanched in salads, in stirfrys & as a side. Potatoes are the best boiled then roasted til crispy or mashed just like my brother makes them; with enough butter & full-cream milk to stop your heart!

10. Day or night?

Both depending what day or night it is! I love days full of sunshine, walks along the water and picnics in the park, or nights dining with friends under the stars. Plus I love a good long sleep in winter clean sheets & fluffy doonas.

11. Favourite hot drink?

I am a coffee girl through and through during the daylight hours but at night or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I love a pot of peppermint tea.


Now for my questions & nominations:


  1. Kick arse Cate from Cate’s Kitchen Adventures
  2. Debonair Deb from Debbish
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  4. The talented Mr Prewitt from Expressions of My Life
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  9. The gorgeous adventurer Liz from Just be. Love all. Live life.
  10. Another gorgeous Floridian; Simply Stephanie
  11. Lovely & lyrical L from Not So Skinny Genes


  1. What would you spend your last $50 on?
  2. Favourite fashion accessory?
  3. If you were a character on The Simpsons who would you be?
  4. What’s your go to comfort food?
  5. If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  6. Do you prefer to workout in the gym, at home or outdoors, and what do you love about it?
  7. If you could pick 4 people (living or dead) to have a dinner party with, who would they be and why?
  8. What’s your signature cooking dish?
  9. Favourite TV show?
  10. Where did you go to high-school?
  11. What are you currently obsessed with?

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stuff that happened this week | via instagram

another week down.
can you believe we’re nearly in March?

IMG_20130217_134936 (1)Sunday brunch  IMG_20130219_055508 early morning workoutsIMG_20130218_21142412WBT recipe Basil Pesto Spaghetti made with basil from my balcony garden!IMG_20130219_160300getting my shellac onIMG_20130219_205714Tuesday workout & dinner  IMG_20130220_072435Wednesday workout buddiesIMG_20130220_110303coffee meetingIMG_20130220_184557one of my tattoos – Liebe means love in German. My Mum is German.IMG_20130221_065059view from my Thursday workoutIMG_20130221_065633Williams family pawsIMG_20130222_000043Thursday night celebration with colleagues; 12 years at Dimension DataIMG_20130222_000154colleagues & friendsIMG_20130222_000311the food at est. is amazing! what you get from a 3-hat restaurant!IMG_20130222_184507hanging with the coolest chick Elly; my hairdresserIMG_20130222_190145Friday flowers on my table; dahlias & hydrangeasIMG_20130223_085033Harley has two settings: on & off!IMG_20130223_105333Saturday 12WBT SSS sessionIMG_20130223_105812post epic workout; smashed & cant move
IMG_20130224_145504meal planning; 12WBT penang chicken only 300 cals per serve!IMG_20130224_151701my new artwork from Cristina B Studios is ready to hang!IMG_20130224_154113Williams family circa 2011

hope you’ve all had a wonderful week

signature - melly xox

weekly fitness roundup | week 1 | 12wbt

You know that feeling of accomplishment you get from sticking to a punishing schedule? Yes?!!! Well that’s what I felt like this past week being back on Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation program.

My calorie intake is capped at 1200 per day
I am doing 6 days training per week.

Here’s my round up….


Monday workout

6am outdoor training session; interval walk/run, running stairs, steps-ups & abs.

brekkie - banana bruschetta
brekkie – banana bruschetta
dinner - fish with chickpea, tomato & spinach salad
dinner – fish with chickpea, tomato & spinach salad

My BFF Gracie stayed the night & loved this dinner too! We’ve committed to doing the 5km Color Run in May in Newcastle! Isn’t she supportive?! Can’t wait!

dessert - fruit jelly
dessert – fruit jelly


Tuesday workout

6.15am Body Pump class at the gym.

brekkie - apple muesli
brekkie – apple muesli
steak with green beans & mushroom sauce
dinner – steak with green beans & mushroom sauce

This is one of my fave meals! The sauce looks creamy but it’s made of Philadelphia extra light cream cheese for cooking, dijon mustard & mushrooms – and only 283 calories – yum!!!

dessert - fruit salad
dessert – fruit salad


Wednesday workout

6am outdoor interval walk/run & abs

brekkie, coffee, dinner & dessert
brekkie, coffee, dinner & dessert

brekkie – avocado & eggs on toast
dinner – potato, spinach & feta frittata
dessert – fruit jelly


Thursday workout
Thursday workout

6.15am Pump class

macchiato & brekkie
macchiato & brekkie – avocado, beans & rocket on toast
dinner & Valentine's Day dessert
dinner – beef with avocado & corn salsa & mini-cheesecake bite for Valentine’s Day dessert


Exercise Rest Day!!!

brekkie, lunch & dinner
brekkie, lunch & dinner

brekkie – banana bruschetta
lunch – mushroom frittata & salad
dinner – pita pocket pizza


Saturday workout
Saturday workout

The aim was to burn 1000 calories but this tough workout got interrupted by a thunderous storm that forced us shivering & completely drenched, in white t-shirts, running the 1.5kms back to the car!

brekkie – eggs, ham, tomato, cottage cheese & spinach
lunch – pumpkin, avocado, chickpea salad
dinner - Japanese
dinner – Japanese


Sunday workout
Sunday workout

Body Balance class. Jay even came with me & loved it!!!

brunch – coffee & pumpkin, walnut & chicken salad
dinner – homemade beef burger & wedges

Keep training hard!!!

fitspiration friday | metanoia


This week Ive been hitting the workouts hard with Michelle Bridges 12WBT program.

It feels amazing to be back on the plan; I respond really well to a structured fitness & nutrition program.

Hope you’re all having a great Friday & work off all that Valentine’s chocolate!  Me? I was a (mostly) good girl & didnt have any (except a mini cheesecake bite – only 152 calories)!


week in instagram

19201317591 clockwise from top left:
coffee @ Urban Bites, Newtown
beans & milk jugs @ Urban Bites, Newtown
receiving my printed Instagram album from Printstagram
view of the city from my balcony
192013175746 clockwise from top left:
coffee from Mano Espresso, Glebe
mid-week BBQ dinner; steak & salad
celebrating passing my Prince2 Practitioner exam
192013175944 clockwise from top:
everyday bling
my new favourite love poem
present from my BFF
19201318035 clockwise from top left:
note to self
little Harley munchkin
new purchase; House of Harlow Aztec bangle

It’s Saturday evening & we’re heading off shortly to
see & laugh ourselves silly in ‘This is 40’ at the movies.

Happy Weekend all xx