beige ≠ boring

 [viaboho_bride_tumblr_large[viatumblr_mdlbx8Gyol1rqqjiqo1_500_large [viail_570xN.403110479_koyq[via]il_570xN.416471056_sq5x [viail_570xN.407479232_stoi[via]il_570xN.346199602[via] il_570xN.419090075_kx1k[viatumblr_m8g1pviXbN1rcwn7fo1_400_large [via]il_570xN.366390060_hjx9[via]il_570xN.386736047_t941 [viatumblr_mgubeveQJo1rcky2lo1_500_large [via188447565627269852_jJYcDdcD_f_large [viatumblr_m2ox4gE1NH1r32djyo1_500_large[via]

Beige does not equal boring!


14 thoughts on “beige ≠ boring

  1. Hi it’s not boring at all, it’s a very warm, stylish and sophisticated color and I’m in love with the nail polish of Dior !

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