a good book


a cup of tea


a scented candle


catching up on shows


some fresh air


time out for my first shellac


planning for the week ahead


a nourishing dinner


and now early to bed….

on another note, no TV show can replace FRINGE but I’m hoping JJ Abrams creates something new & awesome soon to fill the gaping hole in my SciFi.
RIP Olivia, Peter, Walter, Etta, Astrid, Broyles & the rest of the Fringe team. You’ve been awesome.

6 thoughts on “sunday

  1. Oh, I didn’t know Fringe had been axed! Have we seen the latest series here? (Am trying to remember how it finished up… something to do with the future from memory – though I kinda winced… like the weird ‘Dollhouse’ finale!)

    Anyhoo, although it isn’t usually my style I love reading Kate Morton. I also hate her cos she’s gorgeous, has a family, international author AND is from Brisbane! I heard her speak a year or two ago.

    1. Fringe has just come to an end (not axed) – season 5 and they’re done. it all closed out beautifully but I love it so much Im sad its over 😦
      This is the first book from Kate Morton that Ive read. I like it so far!

  2. I love Kate Morton, she’s one of my fav Aussie authors. I think her writing is quite Margaret Atwood-esque.

    I have the Lorna Jane diary too 🙂

    Hope your nails are ok. After seeing Kylie’s hands, following her little Shellac obsession, I’m completly turned off!

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