fitspiration friday

It’s easy to fall off the good nutrition & exercise wagon. 

Most people generally know what to do for good health; eat less, move more.

Sounds simple enough right? Well why do we struggle at times?

Personally, it’s my love of food that is my downfall. I go hard with my exercise but And unfortunately you can’t out train a bad diet.

545380_501385109906313_1540081412_n [via]

You-cant-out-run-a-bad-diet1 [via]

I’ve put back on a few kilos of my hard earned weight loss but thanks to my new year’s kick-start detox earlier in the week I’ve lost 1.1kg (2.4lbs) of it and am off to a good start for this year’s fitness & weight loss goals.

Essential to my nutritional well-being is my regular green smoothie. I have these about 3 mornings a week. I really notice the difference in my skin, digestion & general “perkiness” when I drink them regularly!

I’m always trying new variations of the green smoothie but at the moment this is what I’m loving:

green smoothie ingredients
green smoothie ingredients

green apples
coconut water

The trick is to keep all the ingredients green. The moment you add carrot or beetroot it turns brown. And there is nothing worse than drinking a tall glass of brown liquid first thing in the morning!… Keep those other non-green ingredients for juices!

mmmm nutritious & delicious
mmmm nutritious & delicious
use a Vitamix for uber smooth awesomeness
use a Vitamix for uber smooth awesomeness

Kickarse workout:

This one is bound to kick you up the butt and make you pay the next day!

I do this one outdoors but you could also do it at the gym. All you need is your GymBoss timer, running track/treadmill & a step/park-bench.

*15 minutes interval running; 2 mins run, 1 min walk x 5 sets
**mountain climbers; 3 x 1 min, 30 sec rest
**sumo squats; 3 sets 20 reps
**burpees; 3 sets 10 reps
**step-ups; 5 sets 20 reps
**front to back lunge (L & R); 3 sets 20 reps
**high knees; 3 sets 1 min interval
**Russian twist; 3 sets 20 reps
**V-ups; 3 sets 20 reps
**plank drops (L & R); 3 sets 20 reps each side
**Superman holds; 3 sets 20 reps
**cool-down stretching

my lovely reward!
my lovely reward!



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10 thoughts on “fitspiration friday

  1. I hear you about those pesky extra kilos!

    I’ve been back at this week, training 4 days this week (including a bonus cardio session on top of a weight session one day) in a bid to rid myself of those nasty kilos!

    I find in winter I can easily lose weight and train hard – but summer is very difficult for me with social events and lack of motivation! Annoying, because I want to be at my best IN summer 🙂

    Alas, no Polar from santa – so I’m hoping my birthday in Feb will come through with the goods!

    Keep up the good work 🙂 x

    1. D – all the time!!! Not just for green smoothies – makes anything you would use a hand blender for. I make sandwich mixes in it (egg, chicken & apple) and make iceblocks too! You can do heaps with it!!!

  2. I’m the same. I love food (as evidenced by my food blog). My hubby always tells me I’m doing things the hard way – I have always worked out more to balance it all out – but it’s a lot easier if you get a handle on the eating thing. That’s my thing this year too, since I don’t have enough time to work out as hard as I used to. Good luck! I love the green smoothie too, and Ive been looking at Vitamixes too!!! x

    1. All the food your family makes always looks so delicious so it must be hard being around that yumminess all of the time!!!
      I know Vitamixes are expensive, but we bought out off TVSN and did 6 monthly installments so it was much more manageable! I dont regret buying it one little bit because we use it all the time. Last night I blitzed up mango, raspberry & yoghurt and made iceblocks! I also use it for pesto, sandwich egg mixes & blitz cooked chicken & apple for sandwiches too! Its amazeballs!

      1. Hmmm. I will definitely ponder this vitamix thing for a whIle longer. Yes this one I saw was 1k!!! For that it should cook FOR me. Lol.

        Yes the desserts are killer but the actual every day food is surprisingly ok.

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