music & movie monday

I just had to share these youtube clips with you – they are SO COOL!!!!!

I’m one of those people who gets super excited about upcoming movies.

Check out the futuristic doomsday-esque After Earth from one of my fave actors Will Smith & his son Jaden:

What is it about magic that fascinates us so? Now You See Me starring Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, the cool as f&ck Woody Harrelson & Aussie Isla Fisher:

And of course the most anticipated movie of 2013!
Get your go-packs ready for World War Z!!!

10 thoughts on “music & movie monday

  1. I LOVE movie trailers too! Sometimes more so than the actual movie. lol. This drives my hubby mental since he always tries to miss the previews!

    I’,m SO SO looking forward to World War Z and also After Earth. There’s so many Sci-fi movies coming out this year, so exciting!! I’m also hanging out for Warm Bodies, I think you would like it 🙂

    And then of course there’s Leo and Gatsby….*swoon*

    1. I clicked through to this post because I knew you would have commented Selina! I was thinking ‘World War Z’, how do I know that…is that a computer game E plays….NO! It’s that bloody book Selina and Mel always talk about.

  2. When is Gatsby coming out? It feels like FOREVER!!!

    S – I just watched Warm Bodies & EEEEK! it looks AWESOME & so funny! I love Teresa Palmer – do you read her health blog with her BFF & fellow Aussie Pheobe Tonkins (Secret circle & Vampire Diaries)? It’s awesome! And that is the little kid from About a Boy all grown up!!!

  3. Janine – lol! I’m sure it will be a game soon (hmm…). Oh my hubby has been playing the Walking Dead game…too scary for me though lol.

    So the main actor is the kid from about a boy? That is cray. And is that blog called the wellness warrior??? I didn’t even realise it was them!

    And I’m so annoyed about Gatsby! The original trailer said December…Mr baz/distributer get your shit together Leo is no laughing matter!

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