blue plate bar + grill | restaurant review

French & Mexican are my favourite cuisines closely contested in third place by Southern American style food.

While Sydney has an abundance of French and Mexican, finding the Americano cuisine is rare. I’ve been to Blue Plate Bar + Grill a couple of times over the last couple of years but since it had been a while from my last hit of pumpkin pie I certainly made up for it recently; visiting Blue Plate twice on the same weekend!

Blue Plate Bar & Grill
Blue Plate Bar & Grill


Gracie & Melly
Friday night – Gracie & Melly

Friday night I took my BFF Gracie for a reunion dinner. She’s lived in the States a few times and misses the food, so we went, drank cocktails followed by more cocktails in pitchers (frozen margaritas!!!!) and ate Buffalo Wings (cue Gracie reunion!), Corn Bread & Crab Cakes. We drank so much we couldn’t fit in dessert!

Jay & Melly
Saturday night – Jay & Melly

Saturday night Jay & I met some friends for a birthday dinner and since I was designated driver I made sure I had enough room for dessert!

Buffalo Wings & Sam Adams Lager
Buffalo Wings & Sam Adams Lager

We share Buffalo wings for a Starter and have a couple of Sam Adams brews.  The chicken is a perfect combo of crispy chicken smothered in special hot sauce served with blue cheese dressing and a few carrot & celery sticks so you can appease your guilt. I could eat a trough of these! I like the Sam Adams; it’s a good full lager flavour with a hint of honey sweetness.

BBQ Ribs, fries & blackened corn
BBQ Ribs, fries & blackened corn

Jay orders the BBQ ribs with a side of fries and blackened corn. He says the ribs are super tender & juicy but that the sauce is a little too tomato-y. The blackened corn is sweet with a hint of chargrilled smokiness.

Fish tacos with slaw
Fish tacos with slaw

I order the fish tacos with fries and slaw. OMG. These are delicious! WHy haven’t I ever had fish tacos before??? They are amazeballs! I want to lick the lime & coriander aoli off the plate (but I don’t)!

Pumpkin pie with icecream
Pumpkin pie with icecream

The pumpkin pie is out of this world. The additional crust is a little redundant but the pie is silky smooth and deliciously pumpkin-cinnamon goodness with a little dollop of vanilla ice-cream. We are in heaven.

Seriously, how do those Southern Belles stay so slim???? If I had this food to eat every day I wouldn’t fit through the door!

The wait staff and nice and friendly and the majority are ex-pat Americans, so you really can sit back, gorge yourself and image you’re in Alabama!

Blue Plate Bar + Grill
24 Young St, Neutral Bay NSW 2089
02 9953 2942


  1. I want to go there! Is this the place that was affiliated with South?
    I had fish tacos at Opera Kitchen last night and they were fantastic too. I always see American bloggers writing about them but they only just seem to be catching on here. I’m all for it!

    Also, there’s a new Mexican place in Slurry –

    And I think you’d like this one too. I want the dirty rice! And I reckon Jay would be into it cos there’s goat!!!

    1. thats the one! the pumpkin pie is still as good. same owner/chef, I guess he’s just got more money now so he opened up a proper restaurant. It’s super fun – we have to go together!

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