fitspiration friday | pump

I’m so pumped that I’m getting back into Body Pump lately!!!

It’s been about 6 months since I did Pump regularly; I’ve been opting to do my strength on the gym floor instead, but I get bored so easily and going back to Pump takes all the thinking out of my workout and let’s me just do

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday you’ll find me sweating it out, and to make it into an all round cardio / strength session, I jog the 1km to my gym before the class.

5.30am – up & at ’em!
6.10am – waiting to start (low weights while my slipped disc heals – see, no excuses!)
7.30am – and done!

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “fitspiration friday | pump

  1. Oh I love Pump and miss it a lot. Won’t do a strength session myself for no apparent reason – like you said – it’s nice that someone else sorts out the routine in the class and you just follow.

  2. Nice work! I’ve really been getting in to CX Works at the moment! i do it in my lunchbreak which means it’s just added bonus classes to the gym work I already do 🙂 Love that!

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