to new friends

Yesterday I met up with Michelle from Fun Fit 5K Plus who was visiting Sydney from Missouri, USA!

We’ve been following each other’s blogs for about 6 months and a couple of months ago she let me know she’d be in Sydney (for her sixth trip) visiting her twin sister who lives here and asked if we’d like to catch up!

We met at a cafe local to my work in the city and talked non-stop for an hour and a half (much to the amusement of her sister)! It was so lovely; meeting someone who you kind-of know through reading and seeing pictures of their everyday life, but to sit and chat IRL was really special and I felt so comfortable and like I was catching up with an old friend. We didn’t have enough time as I had to get back to work but it was so wonderful to meet her.

She bought me a gift of champers & some gourmet marshmallows and for Harley she bought the cutest stuffed squeaky toy, named “Justin Beaver”, and some treats. 

And here is Harley, hard at play in the attempt to show ‘Justin Beaver’ the squeaky stuffed beaver some good old Aussie hospitality!

Much love to my new friend, from Melly & Harley!