fitspiration friday

While my slipped disc injury is getting better, I haven’t been doing much exercise other than gentle walking, but in true Fitspiration Friday let’s look at some amazing transformation photos from some devotees of
Michelle Bridges 12WBT program.

All pictures from Michelle Bridges 12WBT.
Join the revolution [here]

Amazing & inspirational, right!?!

4 thoughts on “fitspiration friday

    1. I did it during boxing last Friday….been in physio almost every day since, but its getting better. Seriously the most painful thing Ive ever experienced!

      1. Oh wow 😦 Sounds like you’re in capable hands, do everything the professionals tell you to do! Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  1. oh nooo my hubby has a slipped disc, but it’s a bit complicated since it’s also hit his nerves down the leg. I hope it gets better soon and you’re up and boxing in no time. And yes these transformations are incredibly wow.

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