mobility in action

Last week I was highly amused to learn that a virtual friend who is actually a IRL friend of my good friend Neen (still following?!) was shocked to learn I work in ICT (Information & Communications Technology basically the updated acronym for IT). She thought I was a Curator at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum!

While that is a very cool & specific career imagined for me, alas, I am a geek by proxy. I’ve worked in ICT for 16 years now and almost 12 of those years have been at Dimension Data. 

Obviously all my opinions are my own and not on behalf of the company, but I really wanted to share with you some of the cool stuff we get to design, implement and support. 

This video is of Rob Allman, the Australian General Manager of Customer Interactive Solutions which is a department within DD.

To find out more about Dimension Data, their global footprint & kick arse technology offerings visit [here].

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