mobility in action

Last week I was highly amused to learn that a virtual friend who is actually a IRL friend of my good friend Neen (still following?!) was shocked to learn I work in ICT (Information & Communications Technology basically the updated acronym for IT). She thought I was a Curator at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum! WhileContinue reading “mobility in action”

for whom the bell tolls | fitspiration friday

I love working out with Kettlebells. They make you feel warrior strong! Here are my top 5 kettlebell moves: Kettlebell Swing – the ultimate in total core workout Kettlebell Sumo Squats – the king of the squat! The Kettlebell Snatch – power & strength The Kettlebell Windmill – a little tricky to master but greatContinue reading “for whom the bell tolls | fitspiration friday”