34 things I know now I’m 34

Today I turn 34! It’s not a big deal milestone but it still gets me thinking about my year gone past and what I want to achieve during the year ahead, and for reasons unknown it also causes me a little anxiety.

Instead of writing an reflective account of my highs and lows of my year as a 33 year old, I’d rather take an irreverent approach by expelling some anxiety and imparting some wisdom!

here goes…

  1. there are no problems, only challenges. 
  2. see & admit your flaws (then work on them). mine? I’m impatient, have ridiculously high expectations, am often unforgiving,  say ‘yes’ too quickly and sometimes back out after I’ve had time to think, Id rather express my emotions than talk about it, the expression “foot in your mouth” refers specifically to me. 
  3. always mean what you say. don’t f*ck around with mind games because you end up either hurting yourself or someone else.
  4. life is too short to wear or own bad underwear. the moment it starts sagging, losing it’s elastic or has wholes in it, it’s life is over. repeat after me. over.
  5. no matter how loyal you are to a company (unless it’s yours), their bottom line will always come first. remember at the end of the day it’s business.
  6. if you think a bug/spider/unholy-creature is crawling on you, then it probably is.
  7. always take advantage of an open bar. losing your shoes/shirt/purse/dignity is an optional extra.
  8. dancing & giggling uncontrollably make you feel 1000% better no matter what the situation.
  9. quantum entanglement is what binds humanity. not god.
  10. dead ants have a particular smell and there are alot of things that often smell like them.
  11. if someone cares about you, they’ll make time for you, but if they don’t they wont. however no-one can make time for you all the time.
  12. no matter how busy you get, time with your girlfriends is a must for your sanity & your soul
  13. always try and find something good about someone, no matter how much you may clash in personality.
  14. you’re going to fall/trip over in public. it’s going to happen, so when it does, just pick yourself up as elegantly as possible (I know it can be hard when you’re skirt is over your shoulders and the entire contents of your bag is strewn around you) and just move on.
  15. a smile goes a long way in diffusing a volatile/awkward situation.
  16. forgiveness is a gift you give yourself
  17. friendships come and go; they ebb and flow. if someone’s not in your life, it’s for a reason.
  18. never trust a newly divorced man at a party
  19. my Mum always said ‘you get more with sugar than you do with vinegar’. it’s so true; asking for a favour is all in the delivery.
  20. at one point you’ll realise that someone in your life that you love is toxic. it’ll hurt but you’ll have to let them go.
  21. having 500 friends on Facebook doesn’t mean you have 500 real friends.
  22. don’t go too long without having sex. ever.
  23. it’s imperative to know how to change a tyre, hang pictures, change the gas cylinder in your kitchen blow torch & deliver an attacker-stopping punch.
  24. gossip is all fun & games until you’re the gossip. then it sucks.
  25. always open a door or give up your seat to the elderly. having manners is cool. being disrespectful is not.
  26. people who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.
  27. pick a simple, beautiful dish and learn how to cook the sh!t out it – that way you’ll always have something amazing to bring to a pot-luck or impress a date/partner, their parents & your friends!
  28. karma is not real. as much as I’d like to believe it, people don’t get their just desserts.
  29. someone somewhere once said ‘a person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person’. this is indeed very true.
  30. owning a pet gives you untold joy & hours of fun antics
  31. you should always dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
  32. working out 5+ days a week is non-negotiable. embrace it, don’t hate it, learn to love it. it’s with you forever (unless you don’t mind dying from a coronary when you’re 55)!
  33. never let a day pass without kissing your partner passionately and telling them you love them
  34. the sun will still rise, the stars will still shine, the tides will still roll and the world will not end, if I don’t clean the house. (for those that know me this is a huge admission and a realisation that I struggle with daily!!!)

So there it is! My finite babble wisdom in all its glory! Ha ha!

Now I get to start my birthday with a Body Combat class and end it with dinner at Felix restaurant at The Ivy!

Published by thisismelly

Mel @thisismelly lives a life of adventure, gets lost in farmer’s markets, regularly indulges in movies, loves to whip up gourmet meals in the kitchen, swears that one day she will learn to speak French properly, adores candles and fresh flowers, married her high school sweetheart, visited 19 countries and counting, fears an apocalyptic rage-virus, regularly spoils her cavoodle Harley, loves walking along the harbour, is decorated with ink, muddles her right & left, seasonally switches between blonde and brunette, has soul-mates, favours painted nails & dangly earrings, always orders the 'plateau de fromages', is obsessed with British or Scandinavian crime fiction, detests creepy-crawlies & people who take too long to order coffee, gives terrible directions, makes up crazy dances for her devilishly handsome husband, believes in good, would always be dressed in Saint Laurent, Gucci & Chloe if she could, adores Tex-Mex & Japanese, loves the smell of rain & evening jasmine, may be addicted to Instagram&Pinterest, is always on the hunt for a really good macchiato, is James Taylor’s biggest fan, gets rowdy with tequila, dreams every night, takes pickles, jalapeños & dried fruit for movie snacks, would hate a world without French champagne, adores Pantone 1765, almost always wishes she was lying on the sand in the sun, is an inconsistent Paleo convert and although she is a hopeless Francophile she will forever be smitten with Sydney.

23 thoughts on “34 things I know now I’m 34

  1. happy birthday to you!!! what a great post! i’ll have to remember that for my birthday next year. great to meet your blog! xo

  2. Happy Birthday to you – and what a fabulous list of wisdom there! So many favourites, but in particular, number 4 and 16! As for 28, I disagree. I think karma does happen, but it takes longer than we think! Wish you a blast for the next 34 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope dinner at Felix was lovely! I’ve been dying to go there 🙂

    I love this post so much. I’m turning 31 in February and for some reason struggling with that a little bit more than turning 30. This is list is so great though, it really does make you sit back and think about all of the things that we have learnt over the years.Number 5 rings especially true for me, being made redundant from a company really cemented that, and it hurt A LOT.

    I guess I’ve learnt (probably more so recently) that life really is too short. Enjoy it. Every moment. Of course there are going to be crappy times, but embrace every moment. Stop stressing about the future, and don’t let moments slip by. Stop. Breathe. Enjoy.


    1. Well said (& thx for the bday wishes) Leah!
      Felix was great – I’ll post a review in the next couple of days. the dessert…..ahhhhhh…..
      Love what you said – “stop.breathe.enjoy”!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love this post, especially the very last point. As a person who often sweats the small stuff, I need to make this my mantra. (oh and the 5 days non negotiable exercise bit. Sigh)

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