ten reasons why I should be friends with Zooey Deschanel

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  1. we could bust some moves playing double-dutch 
  2. we could spend hours bonding over our fringes (bangs)
  3. we could instantly double our wardrobes. Sure, I wear a lot more black, but when I’m not wearing black, I’m wearing lace/floral 60’s-inspired bubble dresses with cute colour matching patent shoes!
  4. we could stay up late musing over philosophical questions like why people want fries with that and what the colour blue tastes like.
  5. PJs on & curlers in our hair, we could paint our nails to look like Rainbow Brite or mini tuxedos!
  6. we could spend rainy Saturdays sampling all the 51 Ben & Jerry’s flavours using ity-bity silver spoons and ranking them from holiness to godliness
  7. I could school her in Marco-Polo (pool game) and she could show me how to successfully fit into a suitcase
  8. we could be roomies in a house with a cute picket fence and a ramshackle collection of stray animals. I’ve always wanted an axolotl named Pedro and a white fluffy bunny named Dolly Parton
  9. I could show her 100 reasons why it’s totes awesome that she resembles Sailor Mars (Japanese anime character). Have you seen her super powers!??!
  10. there are times in life when you just need to sit down on a corduroy couch, play the ukulele wearing love heart sunglasses and make up silly songs. It’s just good for the soul.


  1. How funny. I didn’t know you were such a fan! I think she’s beautiful but too annoyingly ditzy to be my friend. But I’ll come over when you’re eating Ben * Jerrys.

    I used to have a duck named Pedro 🙂 I also had an axolotl and I never named him. Wasn’t that mean?

  2. 11. Because she could introduce her friend Joseph Gordon-Levitt to your friend Tamara Dawes… Have you seen their YouTube clip of “What are you doing New Years”? Too cute for words.

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