what a beautiful weekend! 

the weather was great, we worked out, ate out, saw a movie, went for walks along the water & did some shopping.
perfect couple of days to recharge before the working week!

  1. A kick arse Saturday morning Body Combat class followed by…
  2. The perfect green smoothie

    green smoothie
  3. My new purchase – a beautiful summer dress in preparation for our New Years holiday with the Jacksons

    Forever New Asha Belted Tulip Dress
  4. At Harley’s yearly check-up Dr Andrew the Vet said Harley was a champion & an awesome dog and we don’t need to worry about his fussy eating habits because he is “optimal” weight (at 6.9kgs)!!! Even through his shots, Harley was perfectly well-behaved and even gave Dr Andrew a ‘high five’ & shook his hand!

  5. Marie Claire is finally on Play Magazines  Android app. Frivolous reading is only a screen touch away with my Galaxy!

    Marie Claire available on Android app
  6. Dinner date night (aka treat meal) with sushi, a movie (Killing Them Softly) and Ben & Jerry’s clusterfluff & triple-caramel-chunk icecream. Yuuuuuummmmmmm!

    Saturday night Japanese
  7. Jay ordered my new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone in white for my birthday (which is this coming Saturday). Beyond excited!!!
  8. Sunday night dinner; a slightly modified 12WBT laksa recipe. Delish!
    chicken & tofu low-calorie laksa

Sunday sunset

How was your weekend?

15 thoughts on “…weekend…

    1. the intense green is mostly kale,but minimising anything that isnt green keeps it green (otherwise it turns out brownish). so I only put 1 orange in my smoothies and keep everything else from that “green” family of food…eg spinach, celery, cucumber (dont use carrot!!!!)

    1. Thanks Claudia, Im so pleased to hear a great review! I cant wait til it arrives….hopefully mid-this week! I’ll have to hit you up for some tips & tricks!

  1. Melly! I admittedly declare that I am a tad jealous of your fabulous weekend. 😉 And you chronicled everything so nicely! Love, love your bangs — you have the perfect face for them.



    1. thanks Cara!!! its nice that “bangs” (we call them a fringe here!) are in fashion because Ive had them since high school!!!! heehee
      I loved your “writewritewritewritewrite” post from last week 🙂 Hope you had a good weekend too xx

      1. Ooo, fringe, I like that! I wish I could pull that off, but curly hair plus thin hair equals a no go on the fringe.

        🙂 Thanks. It was nice to put that together!

        Have a wonderful week, Melly!

    1. thanks Deb! And Ive been loving your posts re blogging seminar! The green smoothie is yummy & good for you!!! just close your eyes and pretend its filled with caramello koalas!

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