the importance of being

I had a pen-pal from Norway when I was kid. I lived next door to his older sister who had met an Aussie while travelling and settled down in our small town. I thought she was so beautiful and exotic; she looked like a statuesque Icelandic princess!

My pen-pal’s name was Tor and we were both 11 years old. We would write about school and what we did in the holidays, how our siblings annoyed us and send each other photos of our respective towns. The photos I sent him were of the green pasture out the back of my house filled with cows, the little playground up the street, my friends and houses on my cul-de-sac. He sent me pictures of snowfights with his brothers, winter sledding and pointy-roofed houses covered in fairytale snow…he got the raw end of the deal in the photo trading game.

To me, the blogosphere is like a huge collection of pen-pals! We get to know perfect strangers through their words, photos, likes, dislikes, rants, raves & sometimes along the way we fall in love with them as friends we haven’t met yet.

It’s comforting to know that irregardless of someone’s geographical, religious or sexual preference, race and economic status, we find people who we have commonalities with. We find people who have a different view point on the world and we can appreciate and respect those differences. We make connections and it’s beautiful.

[via Tumblr]

Today, let’s be thankful that the world is that little bit smaller because of the connection we share as bloggers.

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