ten things i love about being a grown-up

I often do things out of spite of my Mother.  Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my Mum; we’re the best of friends, talk most days and have a great relationship but as an adult I get to defy (some of) her rules that were imposed on me as a child. You know those rulesContinue reading “ten things i love about being a grown-up”

creative popcorn | recipes

[via] Plain popcorn or popcorn garnished with spice mix is one of my favourite low-cal snacks but flavoured popcorn typically isn’t a huge favourite in Australia. I’ve scoured the interwebs to find some amazing recipes, that while aren’t low in cals, look amazing & fun! Cat Cora’s Party Mix with cereal, pretzels, peanuts and, ofContinue reading “creative popcorn | recipes”

felix bistro | restaurant review

In 2007 in Trocadéro, the 16th arrondissement in Paris, I ate one of the best meals in my life. Jay & I had discovered this little bistro after hours of walking and sight-seeing. To sit at this quaint little restaurant with latticed seats facing the street, aperitif in hand, perusing the menu and using our brokenContinue reading “felix bistro | restaurant review”

emergency petition to save our oceans

Have you seen the documentary The 11th Hour? Much like visiting a battery hen farm will likely turn you vegetarian, watching this doco will shock you into taking positive action to minimise your own environmental footprint. I’m one of the 17 million (current) Avaaz members who recognises the need for a global voice to drawContinue reading “emergency petition to save our oceans”

obstacles | wednesday workout

A couple of week’s ago I lost my Polar heartrate strap. It literally blew out the kitchen window never to be seen again (I live on the 10th story of a large apartment block, so it is literally lost forever). I’ve been feeling weird working out without my Polar tracking my heartrate and calories. It’s likeContinue reading “obstacles | wednesday workout”

two birds with one bullet

 [via] I love Modern Family. I watch laughing so hard tears roll down my face! Every single character is hilarious but I think the best lines come from Gloria. Here are my top 11 fave Gloria quotes aka Gloriaisms aka the world according to Gloria Delgado-Pritchett: Manny: “I wanna be home schooled.” Gloria: “Really, Manny?Continue reading “two birds with one bullet”