working holiday

My Mum & her husband Col have packed up their belongings, put most of it in storage, purchased a “big rig” and are heading off on a 3-5 year working holiday around Australia!

While they tie up a few loose ends they’ve been staying in the Stockton Holiday Village. We drove up this morning spend the day with them.

when I told Harley we were going to the beach he decided he’d try on my one-piece.

Mum & Col custom designed their caravan; it’s gun-metal & light grey exterior is finished inside with sophisticated grey leather, wood & veneer.

the van outer (with Col, Jay & Mum)

It has so many cool little cubby-holes on the outside for storage, a TV arm (using the portable flat-screen from their bedroom), a BBQ, a heated shower, outer electrics & a table.

the chillout zone…
Harley hanging out
their namesake “bustin loose”

Oh man, their car is ginormous! Because of the size of the van a Toyota Landcruiser wouldn’t cut it, so they had to buy a custom converted American Dodge Ram 3500. It’s McMassive!

Dodge Ram 3500
an American-sized ute!

The inside is awesome! If you’re going to live in close-quarters with someone for a long period of time (even if he is your husband) it helps to have some well designed space!

the grey leather club lounge (also converts to a king bed)
the kitchen with flatscreen TV, microwave, washing machine
the kitchen fridge and entrance to the bathroom
the toilet & vanity
the separate shower (no wet-room!)
the queen-sized bedroom with wardrobes
and a bedroom flat-screen!

Every single inch of potential space is used for storage. Jay was impressed with the tech hook-up; wireless internet, sat-phone, emergency beacon & solar panels. The van is a completely self sufficient so they can “free camp”.

Jay & Gracie chillin
Gracie’s Dad Jim

Gracie & her Dad Jim came over for lunch too (I forgot to take photos of our BBQ feast – shock! horror!). It’s nice that Jim & Col get along so well.

Stockton town beach

It’s going to be a while til I see my Mummy again. I was sad as we drove back down the freeway tonight. But I’m happy she’s heading off on her dream adventure!

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