puppy love

Remember that time and that other time when I mentioned that
Harley Houdini Williams
is the most cutest bestest gorgeous doggy in the entire world? 
(sorry blogger buddies who also have other cute doggies,
but this is indeed a fact)

Well, here are another few pictures to remind you of how true this is of my adorable little fluffball.

evidence as fact 1: he waits patiently to be let off the leash
evidence as fact 2: he rocks cammo fashion
evidence as fact 3: he likes beer
evidence as fact 4: he loves to pose with his Mummy
evidence as fact 5: he loves to pose
evidence as fact 6: and pose
evidence as fact 7: he doesn’t sit still for small children who adore him
evidence as fact 8: he rocks a black one-piece at the beach
evidence as fact 9: he enjoys laying-in reading the Sunday paper
evidence as fact 10: he thinks he can lie on the bed like a human
evidence as fact 11: he walks the streets of his ‘hood like a boss

feel free to post links to your most gorgeous beautiful doggy in the comments
’cause there’s no such thing as dog eat dog world on this site!

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