1. I love skulls too! In fact, I finally located a skull candle I;d been searching ages for on the weekend thanks to Janine, who told me to look at the little candle store in the Rocks…success!

    And my other fave store packed to the brim with cool skull-y finds is Holy kitsch in Netown. I just bought a new skull couple print which I’d been eyeing off for ages.

  2. I read this post and thought to myself, Miss Selina will have dropped by here with a comment on this skull obsession, for sure. And low and behold, there it is!

    This is why you have to go to Beach Burrito Company in Newtown Mel – it’s got skulls all over the place. Very cool decor.

    1. yes, it’s like the meeting of kindred spirits!!!
      Maybe I can walk all the way over to Beach Burrito Co and then that will cancel out any calories I consume there…..sounds good in theory hey!

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