12WBT | week 2 in review

I’m not particularly happy with my performance this past week.

I had great workouts but I slacked off with counting my calories half-way through the week and although I didn’t binge on bad food, I’m sure I did exceed my 1200 calories during a couple of days…I’ll have to see how it pans out on the scales on Weigh-in-Wednesday.

my Week2 workout summary

Monday (day8):

Monday workout calories burnt

5km jogging with Jay & Harley. I love love love my running track!

Pyrmont Bay 6.30am

Tuesday (day9):

Tuesday workout calories burnt

Strength workout at the gym:

  • 10 min warmup on the Xtrainer
  • 5 sets x 15 reps Legpress 60Kgs
  • 3 sets (per leg) single leg lunges x 15 reps holding 15kg barbell
  • 3 sets (per leg) single hamstring/glute extenders x 15 reps 25kgs
  • 3 sets x 15 reps chest press 20kgs
  • 3 sets x 15 reps overhead shoulder press 7.5kgs
  • 3 sets x 20 reps bicep curls 17.5kgs
  • 3 sets x 20 reps tricep dips
  • 3 sets x 15 reps back rows 25kgs
  • Abs
  • stretching & roller

Wednesday (day10):

Wednesday workout calories burnt

Boxing workout in the park with Jay as my trainer! (boxing drills, foot work, head movement, pyramid circuit, combos & sparring.)

Thursday (day11):

Thursday workout calories burnt

4km jog with Harley.

Friday (day12):

Friday workout calories burnt

A session with my Personal Trainer Joe at the gym. I recorded a lot less calories than usual because my Polar played up and stopped working for about 10 minutes…Joe smashes us (Jay works out with me) and we did a huge arm workout followed by the most awfully intense Ab workout. My abs are still sore…

Saturday (day13):

Saturday workout calories burnt

I wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t achieve Super Saturday 1000 calorie burn….I just went for a long walk with Harley around the beautiful harbour. 

City views over Blackwattle Bay


Sunday (day14):

And on the seventh day, she rest!

Monday (day8):

Tuesday (day9): 

Wednesday (day10): 

Thursday (day11): 

Friday (day12): 

Saturday (day13): 

Sunday (day14): 

Harley & me waiting for Jay to come home from his camping trip…

Mel & Harls

Hope you all had a great week & are looking forward to achieving something awesome this week!

12 thoughts on “12WBT | week 2 in review

  1. Must be a week 2 thing as Nikki had the same problem this past week. Her exercise was good, but food suffered.

    I think it’s great you’re doing so well on the exercise front, so don’t let a couple of food slip-ups get you down too much!


    1. WTF is going on with them?!!
      This morning mine told me I was having a heart attack at 213 bpm…stupid thing. I looked like a weirdo walking down Harris St at 5.45am with my hand down my shirt trying to fix it!

  2. My fitness goals are to lean out, gain more strength and flexibility, and just be more consistent with fitting dance in each week because it’s not something you can slack on too easily and get away with in terms of technique!

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