all good things in august

My friend Neen does monthly summaries of her adventures & fun times so I thought I’d take a page from her book and do the same.

August has been a little hectic but my month has been sprinkled with happy highlights such as:

  • Jay & I had a wonderful date night last weekend to see the Sydney Symphony perform pieces from Debussy and Brahms. It was a magical evening; we started with a drink under the clear winter evening sky at the Opera Bar and then moved on to the Opera House main concert hall for the Symphony’s performance. I was looking forward to Debussy’s ‘Gigues’ & ‘Rondes de printemps’ but I actually enjoyed Brahms ‘Symphony No.2’ so much more! 
    view from the Opera Bar
    view of the stage from the nose bleed section
  • Neen & I attended the most awesome lunch (organised by my bestie) with guest speaker Michelle Bridges, who I met in person! You can read about that awesome adventure [here]. 
  • Catching up with a slew of friends; Jared & Pete for dinner & too many drinks, coffee & market food with Mands, weekend brekkie & a pizza party with Ian & Janine, Nath & his mildly preggers wife Mandy for a lazy Sunday brekkie, Mum & Col for stopover family dinner on their way from Melbourne to Newcastle 
  • Running into some famous people out & about….Tony Abbott, Luke Mangan, Mike Whitney and Corrine Grant.
  • I started seeing a therapist for some help managing my work stress levels & inability to sleep. Not something you usually talk about in public, but it’s a positive thing!
  • I made a few fabulous purchases including; some new jewellry (nothing fancy, just costume stuff), a floral jacket, a new clutch & a “Nanna-trolley” to wheel around my shopping when I’m walking around the village! 

    August purchases
  • Gracie stayed over for 3 nights! She was down for a work conference in the city. I rudely introduced her to 5.30am morning workouts but we also had dinner out, a trip to the markets, a spot of shopping and some much needed girly talk. 

  • I started on a 12 week intense fitness & nutrition program to get in shape for summer!
  • I entered Jay & I into the Blackmore’s Sydney Bridge Run which is in 2 weeks! 9kms here we come!
  • Harley made a new friend; his doppleganger Ralf. And I befriended Ralf’s mum Carolyn! 
    Ralf (L) & Harley (R)

    What were your August highlights???

    the first of September from my balcony…Spring has sprung!