fitspiration friday

Sometimes I am guilty of too much “talking” (or writing) getting in the way of actually doing.

This week I’ve had a really fierce & focused week; my nutrition has been squeaky clean and my training has been hardcore!
My current goal is to stay committed on this fierce path til Christmas.

Fitness & nutrition -wise, have you had a good week or is there something (your emotions, mindset, work, fear, excuses etc) that is getting in your way?

[image via Michelle Bridges 12wbt forum blog]


    1. just remember that consistency is key! You’ve said its not your worst week, but the week isn’t over – so get a couple more training sessions in, go hard, eat lots of green leafy stuff (!!!!) and mentally go easy on yourself! 🙂

  1. I’ve done four killer workouts so far this week! Burnt between 500-600 calories per work out and still have two more sessions to go. I’ve felt really energetic! But I did have three tim tams in a meeting this morning. However! I have decided that for the next four months, the whole of Sept – Dec I’m going to be junk food free. No treats of the processed variety. I need to obliterate all weak spots!

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