the next twelve weeks

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.”
~ Peter Marshall

I had a great training week last week culminating in a mega session with my Personal Trainer Joe on Saturday morning when he caned me so hard I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack & puke (wasn’t good at the time, but I felt great afterwards!).

And this week I’m kicking back off on another round of 12WBT; 12 weeks to transform my body before the Aussie summer hits. Jay (and Harley) are going to be my training partner(s) and Neen is going to be my fellow 12wbt-er partner in crime! We’re following the program set by our fitness mentor Michelle Bridges.

[via Michelle Bridges 12WBT facebook page]

My goals for the next 12 weeks are:

  • eat clean & simple nutrition sticking to 1200 calories a day (think lots of green veggies with lean protein)
  • 6 days a week training including 3 cardio, 2 strength & 1 stretch sessions
  • my arms & thighs are going to be the focus of my strength training
  • drink 2 litres+ of water a day (my intake slipped through winter so I want to ensure I’m drinking enough again)
  • no drinking alcohol for the next 3 months with the exception of my birthday in October (eeek!!!)

I’ve got to do my fitness test in the morning, but I’ve cleaned my pantry out of any detrimental foods (not much but a packet of corn chips, a packet of gummies and some popcorn), eaten my last treat meal (woodfired pizza for dinner), updated my 1/3/6 month fitness goals and written down all my ‘excuses’ and countered them with ‘solutions’.

I’m ready to rumble!!!