wall of shame

Have you seen this?

Dogshaming on Tumblr [here].

It’s where owners can get their own back by posting pictures of their dog’s dirty & shameful secrets.

I have literally been reading these for the past half-hour with tears rolling down my cheeks!
It’s frickin’ hilarious!

Here’s a few meaty ones (pardon the pun!)…

and my own shamefully lovable furry monster

all photos (except the last one of Harley) from Dogshaming on Tumblr.


  1. I just laughed out loud, at work, at this. Classic! Miss Moo is going to have her own series. This is SO funny! Also, did you notice all the dog posts lately? I’m thinking that our dogs should start their own blogs, and each have a day they post. I would love it!

  2. Oh, my goodness! Seriously? This exists? Comedy and pets: doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks, Melly. I am looking forward to the laughs in addition to the ones you gave me already.

    ~ Cara

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