wall of shame

Have you seen this? Dogshaming on Tumblr [here]. It’s where owners can get their own back by posting pictures of their dog’s dirty & shameful secrets. I have literally been reading these for the past half-hour with tears rolling down my cheeks! It’s frickin’ hilarious! Here’s a few meaty ones (pardon the pun!)… and myContinue reading “wall of shame”

wednesday words | string bags of oranges

Things just seem to fall apart, String bags full of oranges And things within the heart; Calamities evaporate and memories depart. People laugh at anything And things just fall apart. “Things just seem to fall apart” by Michael Leunig (Poems 1972-2002) ♥ One of my most favoured poems from contemporary Australian poet & artist. Happy humpContinue reading “wednesday words | string bags of oranges”