my day in pictures

[5:35am] Wake-up! Wake-up! Up & at ’em!
[6:22am] Sunrise over the harbour; out with Harley my running buddy
[6:51am] calories done for the day
[7:11am] coffee time; picking up coffee at my local coffee window on my way home
[7:18am] coffee! coffee! coffee!
[8:10am] heading out the door
[10:23am] meeting with my manager Paul
[12:03pm] hanging out with my desk buddy Phil
[2:05pm] grabbing a late lunch in the foodcourt
[2:15pm] sushi (of course)
[4:00pm] leaving work & collecting my car
[4:18pm] driving to Bondi
[4:35pm] fringe trim with my fabulous hairdresser Elly
[5:42pm] arriving home to a tragedy – Warty the warthog destroyed! Naughty Harley!
[5:50pm] parcel of new books from Book Depository! I’ve got a lot of reading to do!
[6:34pm] Jay arrives home from work – cuddles for Harley (& Melly)!
[7:30pm] another hour & a half of work before all done & ready for dinner!
[7.42pm] ready for the BBQ (hubby chef Jay cooking!)
[8:07pm] Yum! Dinner is served (sirloin with grilled corn, zucchini & asparagus w BBQ sauce & mustard)
[9:17pm] some light (no nightmares!) reading before bed…

Hope you all had a great Monday!