One year when I was in high school,
my Mum would read an affirmation each morning.
She kept a little trinket box with 365 affirmations rolled up into little scrolls and my brother & I would take turns in picking out for her to read.

Being a 14 or 15 year old I thought having to do this each morning was pretty uncool, but now that I’m older I can appreciate how beautiful this was for her;
to take a moment at the start of each new day to sit with her husband and children and appreciate her family and look for the positives,
however small or great they may be.
To appreciate a moment together
before the family went about on their daily journey.

It’s easy to get caught up in the routine, the mundane, the chaos of our daily life. Then to suddenly realise it’s been six months since you’ve seen a particular friend, or a year since you’ve seen a relative, or you can’t remember the last time you had a ‘date night’ with your partner or did something just for yourself. 

I want you to read this affirmation, found [via] a blog I read, think about what it means for you, how it can benefit you today,
and then think of ten things that make you smile or that you’re grateful for.

Positive affirmation for the day:
I use my breath to bring me back to the present moment and help me through any situation.

Today is a good day. You’re alive.

14 thoughts on “affirmation

  1. This is just beautiful. I am very close with my family, and wished we had done something similar to this growing up.

    It is really nice to take time and stop to think, appreciate and ponder…

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